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Art, all conveniently in our laptops

Life is becoming somewhat easier, at least from an entertainment viewpoint.

One can buy a whole season of our new favourite show, download it onto their laptop and watch the whole thing at home. Youtube even has clips, (numbered) so that when watched together in order, one can view a whole production without ever leaving the house.

The most common ‘live’ event we watch on our computers: music performances Another option is that some productions can be streamed right into our laptops so, again, the audience is given the opportunity to experience new things without leaving their comfort zone.

‘Stop watching your favourite show and talk to me.’
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It is a very convenient and cost effective system (audience members commonly do not even have to pay for tickets). It’s all working out right? Sure. But one does wonder ‘What if real theatre, live shows–you know where we go to the theatre and watch a production–ceases to exist?’ – Ella Mundey (local performer and theatre goer). ‘It [films and productions being accessible from home] is good, but it takes away the aura.’ She says, referencing Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

Benjamin stated that whenever a work of art is reproduced, such as being filmed then distributed, its aura is lost. The idea has been likened to how looking at a photograph of the Mona Lisa doesn’t allow the viewer to experience the artworks aura and part of its meaning is lost.

There are some who would disagree with Walter Benjamin though. One such person is Aaron Newton, an avid fan of both film and theatre and its evolution.

Aaron says ‘It’s fun to go see a play but it’s way more convenient and reasonable to  watch it at home. All the plays I like have been turned into films anyway so it’s just as good to watch them on screen. Nothing is really that different anyway.’

Family movie night is far more portable now

Family movie night is far more portable now

So which is better? Well one cannot really decide something like that. Evolution, biologically speaking, is caused natural selection. So we, as a people, must have naturally selected the new technological way.  So what will be the next evolution?


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