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Firdaus Emir is a local, Wollongong digital artist ‘absorbing life and creating it into art.’ She describes herself as: ‘Intuitive, multi genre digital artist with a diverse and a passion for creating innovative visual artistry through graphic design and photography. Available for custom design work and event photography for personal and businesses in Australia and worldwide.’

Webgrrl's ear-rings

Webgrrl’s ear-rings

Going by her artist pseudonym her Webgrrl Facebook page aims to draw in new fans.

I conducted an interview with her recently and here is a summary her responses.

“I am mainly digital media (digital art & photography) but i am self-taught so i don’t have any educational background (eg. a graphic design diploma or any type of art courses/university degrees).

 “I have always loved all types of art and

A phone case by webgrrl

A phone case by webgrrl

creativity since I was a kid and was told by my art teacher and others that i should pursue it. When I was in high school I was offered an Art Scholarship but unfortunately I missed that opportunity. Then I was married, divorced and a single mum at young age (21)  and art/creativity became just a ‘hobby’ and something I would do occasionally or to escape from the ‘normal’ life.

“In 1995 i touched my first ever computer and this reawaken my repressed love for creativity. I found and realised that these digital tools (computer, software and a year later in Jan 1996, the internet!) that could give me a vehicle to try and learn without costing me money. I could do all this at home and most importantly there was an amazing amount of people online that would help, teach and answer any questions I had.

“For the next 12 months I taught myself everyday about using and understanding the computer and trying out different graphics and desktop publishing software. I would volunteer to anyone to do any graphics, newsletters, anything really, so that I could practice beyond tutorials and put what I was learning into use.

Webgrrl's customisable plates

Webgrrl’s customisable plates

“It wasn’t until 10years later that I actually, technically, started calling myself a ‘Digital Artist’ and started selling my art/designs online. Prior to that I landed two year traineeship at a Newspaper in Queensland as a Graphic Artist/Photographer. That job gave me my first opportunity as Media Photograher.

“I think my story and journey is an interesting and important one for others to hear ’cause what/who we think we are today might not be us at all in the future, but the core of it is all the same and the clues can be found in one’s childhood.”


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