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Are video games art?

Are video games art? In the past this was unquestionable, of course not. But times may be changing, and the question is being asked more and more.

For years video games have been a way for people to spend their time when bored.

A classic video game, Pacman

A classic video game, Pacman

A way to pass the time when there was nothing to be done. One could head down to the arcade and play Pacman or Space Invaders. But times of arcades seem to be long gone, and the home consoles replaced them with still relatively poor graphics and story lines, then they both got better. Gamers have typically said that Final Fantasy is art because of its complex and compelling story line. Local, avid gamer, Jayden Gaston has been playing video games for as long as he can remember.  Currently playing on an Xbox 360 Jayden says:

‘Video games are an art. Arts a composition if ideas expressed through a medium, only this time games are a medium. You’re not expressing ideas

An image, taken from a video game, classed by many as art

An image, taken from a video game, classed by many as art

through words, pictures, music or strategy/problem solving you’re presenting those ideas across every medium. You cannot make a good game without immersion from every single element from a combination of mediums. For example a game can have awesome visuals but fail at the actual playing, consisting of no immersion from the players actions.’

Madeleine Pitt is a digital media student at the University of Wollongong. She says, on the issue ‘Games must be an art form, how else can you explain the success and popularity of high res[olution] and detailed games like Assassin’s Creed that has the real life aspect. Bring you [the player] into another form of our world, just like paintings do. One of the other most important parts of a game is story line. We [the player] will be interested in graphics and it may be enough to get us to finish the game but we need a good story, otherwise it’s like reading a book thinking that even though the story isn’t good, at least the pictures are.’

Another image from a video game, also considered art

As one delves into this issue more and more, it becomes increasingly evident that most people involved at all in the industry as a consumer or developer,people  participating in anyway, consider video games a form of art.


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